Peter I. Hoes to MVB, 29 July 1820

P[eter] I. Hoes to MVB, 29 July 1820


D Sir

Mr Cantine handed me two Bonds the one a blank one the other executed by you and <illegible> so as to be executed by me also, the one executed by you Cantine informs me is incorrect and if I <execute> any he wishes me to sign the Blank one or in other words the one that you have not yet signed. I have reflected much on the subject and have put the most favourable construction on that I was capable of giving to it and am constrained to say, (and must act accordingly) that I can not consent to become security with you for Mr Cantine to Buel for $1500–unless I am secured in some way by him or you. I will do any thing for you that you shall ask of me, but I think you ought not to ask me to envolve myself for others without and can see my way through. I enclose both Bonds to you and wish you not to let them go out of your hands untill you recieve my written orders to do so, unless you drop me a lines that you will indemnify me

I am yours Sir

P. I. Hoes

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