James Alexander Hamilton to MVB, 31 December 1818

James A[lexander] Hamilton to MVB, 31 December 1818



Dr Sir,

You will be a little surprised at receiving this letter from one who is hors de combat of the Politicks of this State

Presuming however upon the portion of your confidence that I enjoy and the partial knowledge of your views whi[ch] I gathered from our recent conversation

<illegible> I venture to inform you that my political friends and the Clintonians are out of humour with each other & that Three days ago there was no arrang[e]ment made with them as to Senator or Counsel. 

I suggest for your consideration the propriety of taking advantage of the bad play of your adversaries and of securing to yourself such a Council as you wish t by promoting the reelection of m Mr. King which I confidently believe you may do. 

If you coincide with my views write quickly to me.

Yours in haste 

James AHamilton

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