MVB to Gorham Akin Worth, 30 June 1818

MVB to G[orham] A[kin] Worth, 30 June 1818


I believe in the sincerity of your complaints about my writing because you have for once wrote to me in an intelligible manner yourself. The many fine things you say of his excellency were to good to be lost, I therefore shew them to his excellencys good friend the comptroller who without my permission shew them to the Govr. The Comptroller did not tell me that the letter gave great satisfaction at the Capital palace but that I infer, never was there a more a seasonable puff since the time of Adam. While the whole community here were execrating the appointments of men of desperate character & profligate lives, while they were mourning over that imbecility while disqualifyed his excellence from making a single effort to shake off that select band of renegades who had indeed rallyed around him in the day of his adversity but who fled to him solely because they had been scouted from the society of honest men for their depravity & because they hoped to rescue themselves from the obloquy which every where awaited them by calling themselves his friends & by seeking to convert the reproaches of an indignant public into persecutions for opinions sake. Under circumstan[ces] like these you can readily conceive how gratifying must have been the voice of applause from the Western Wilds, but enough of this you have no concern with politics. Your Jugment is good, your Sentiments are honest but I think I have heard you say that you never expected to be president of the U. States.

Your intention to return here delights me. Your situation will be enviable. I have only one thing to ask dont advise to a delay. I write Mr Bowne to press the appointment of the directors. It is important to us that he close whether the bank goes into operation yet or not. With you for Cashier & Mr Duddly for President we will make it our institution of the first respectability. I can say nothing yet of your Kane debt, the family are in great commotion, the creditors put the Gov. house & two acres at $12,000 the Kanes refused to take it (as it now appears) in the hope of getting it for less. I took it. They now say they will not give it up. The other Creditors say it is mine but they say they have got it. We shall have a blow up but how it will turn out time will shew. Write me. Respects to Mrs. W.

Yours affectionately


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