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T[homas] H[ill] Hubbard to MVB, 6 June 1818


On my arrival at court I found that causes of the People vs Pitts and others were not on the calendar, I put them on, but by agreement with the Opposing Consul was not ^to^ hand up the N. pr. Records, until I could see Mr. <Clorry> the Agent mentioned in your letter. 

Mr. <Avery> did not appear nor any Witness on the part of the People. I made every inquiry concerning the cases, but could get no information from any quarter except that Mr. <Avery> had moved to Oneida County, and it was generally believed he had taken no measures to procure testimony & that he would not appear. If he had been in this County I should have sent a subpoena for him, I made [out] one, supposing he resided in the North part of the County, but on learning that he was so far off I did not send for him, for want of time. 

I left court last evening, and put the N.P. Records in the hands of Mr. Stebbins with directions to try the Cause if <Avery> appeared. The Judge however had but one cause to try and I presume the Court was adjourned in an hour after I came away. The Records will be returned to to me today. Shall I send them to you by mail, or wait for a convenient private Opportunity.

I have the honor to be with great Respect

Your Most Obedt Servt.

T.H. Hubbard

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Source: N-Ar New York State Archives
Collection: Attorney General Papers (N-Ar)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)