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MVB to Lemuel Jenkins, 25 May 1819

Dear Sir,

I have received a communication from the Attorney General of Pensylvania respecting Selah Cole who is imprisoned in your County on a criminal charge. I am wel satisfied that the imprisonment of Cole is collusive with a view to deprive the State of Pensylvania of the benefit of his testimony in a criminal case, it becomes our duty to defeat so dishonorable a contrivance. To this end I wish you to see that Cole be bailed on the charge made against him in this State and that the messenger sent by the State of Pensylvania be taken as such bail and that if the next Session in your County should be Sooner than he can return having given his testimony the recognizance be respected until the next term, be so good as to let me know from You on this Subject.

Your Friend


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Source: PHi Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Collection: Tench Coxe Papers (PHi)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)