MVB to Peter Van Schaack, c31 May 1817

MVB to Peter Van Schaack, [c31 May 1817]


I return the Deft. agreeable to your suggestion & have also directed Mr Barker to send you a No. of Johnsons Rep. If I do not come to K.K. soon I will write you again. I expected to have had the pleasure of seeing you & Mr Van Alen at my house but am sorry to learn that he is sick. My family are broke up for a month, after that It may yet be in season. 

Yours sincerely


NB. I delvrd your note about your late sons favour ^to Mr VVeghten^ & have not forgot your case nor will much longer neglect it. I perceive by your letter to Mr V.V. that the word nominally in my letter to Mr V. Alen was read nonsensically. I have shewn the Deed to Robert & approve of it, he will get the Mortgage duly executed if you send it to him here.  


Martin VnBuren Esqr,

Recd. 31st May 1817

returning the <Dr.> deed to

Van Duesen

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