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MVB to Cornelius Miller, [c1 February 1817]


Let them say what they please I assure you that the counsill ar anti-Clintonian Judge Noyes was our man as well as that of our adversaries, & he is clearly & unequivocally with us. So much for that. Monell goes down this eving I fear highly prejudiced. I have not seen him I regret this sincerely for I love him & I fear that this course will injure his character for independence &c. You must not quarrel with him but at the same time let nothing essential be sacrafised to etiquette. I believe It is now there the probability is that the Delegates will not be received, but that does not lessen in the last the degree the importance of their choice. They may be received & their selection will at all events be decisive of your salutary Influence in the county. Let not the Idea alone suggested in any degree relax but increase your exertions. Before your resolution appointing delegates, I wish you would have one impression of the danger of departing from usages which have before conducted the party to success. Your confidence in the members of the present legislature, & your content that the nomination should be made in the old way.

We have a larger majority in the Legislature than we had last fall. I have communicated my views to James as to the Delegates, do humour him a little so that you have harmony. Your most effective men are wanted at the District convention, where I apprehend they will attempt to get S__ n again nominated.

My respects to Mrs Miller

Yours very sincerely


The times are ticklish & letter may be lost, therefore burn at once.


Feby. 1817.

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Source: NKhCCH Columbia County Historical Society
Collection: MVB Collection (NKhCCH)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)