MVB to Francis Silvester, 13 December 1816

MVB to Francis Silvester, 13 December 1816


I trust it cannot be necessary for me to assure you that it would at all times be gratefull to my feelings to gratify you ^in^ any reasonable request. The suggestion [howe]ver to make a deduction from my Judgmt agt. your dcd. brother I cannot regard as such & I am persuaded that on more reflection you will concur with me in this opinion. The circumstance of his liability being that of Bail is one of every days occurrence & is certainly never considered per se as sufficient to entitle the bail to a reduction. Was your Brother alive & in embarassed circumstances or had he left a family who were so, I feel, that there is no one who would more cheerfully consent to the proposition suggested ^than myself^, but as the State of the case is I certainly do not think that it can with propriety be pressed. In regard to the note of my father you know how those things are. If I pay it, it is so much given & as I have renounced all wish to have any part of h[is] little estate I feel that I ought not to be a Volunteer in assuming any more of his debts. My Brother Lawrence will I am persuaded arrange this particularly after I have seen him. Upon reflection however I believe I have already paid this debt once, when your Brother Cornelius when ^was^ in the Butchering business I lent him some money & left the note with Mr Mastin fto receive the money who very much agt. my Inclination & wishes brought on a suit on it when it was agreed that it should be set off agt. the note you speak of. Be so good as to enquire into [. . .] ^about^ that demand ^there^ shall nbe no difficulty we shall see it settld in some proper way.

Yours very sincerely


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