Micah Sterling to MVB, 29 July 1816

Micah Sterling to MVB, 29 July 1816



Your bill for Clerk Fees was duly reced. I presume there is some mistake about it for I paid up to May 1815 and from that time discontinued business as an attorney in all the Courts. Besides the bill I then paid extended to June 1 May 1815, & was $28.96 and I hold the Treasurers receipt for the same. The Bill you transmitted is $29.67 up to June 1st. 1815. From the dates & sums & my discontinuing business as an atty I presume there is some mistake. If there is not I will pay it promptly, but I am satisfied there must be. The notice of trial in the Cause of Colonel Dennis was served on me & when I informed them of the error which I did immediately, it was too late to notice you. It goes over therefore until next Circuit. 

Very Respectfully 

yours &c


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