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Jabez D[elano] Hammond to MVB, 10 March 1816

Dear Sir,

I yesterday recd. your letter of the 1st. Instant. I congratulate you on your nomination, and am heartily glad that neither envy nor jealousy was able to keep you off the Ticket.

An anonymous notice was this evening delivered me announcing that a Caucus for nominating President &c. will be held next Tuesday evening. The <illegible> Call originates with the friends of Mr. Crawford. As matters now are there is little doubt but that Mr. Monroe will have a small majority in Caucus if his friends choose to attend.

But the parties are so nearly equally divided that if Mr. M. obtains a victory I should apprehend it will be like the Victory of Pyrrhus over the Romans—it will politically ruin him. To avoid th such a disaster it is very much doubted whether his friends will come in to the Caucus. In that event no nomination will be made (I presume).

If a Caucus nomination is made Govr. Tompkins will be put in nomination for the Vice Presidency.

Yours very respectfully

Jabez D. Hammond

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Source: MHi Massachusetts Historical Society
Collection: Otis Norcross Collection (MHi)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)