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MVB et al. to Daniel D. Tompkins, 22 February 1816


The Republican members of the Legislature met on the 20th instant, to confer on the selection of a suitable candidate to be supported at the ensuing election for the office of Governor; and upon the most mature deliberation, have unanimously declared their conviction that the best interests of the state required that you should again be supported for that station. But as your Excellency had declared to many individuals composing part of the meeting, that it would not accord with your wishes or interest to be again elected, and had expressed to them your desire not to be put in nomination, we were deputed to communicate to you the earnest request of the meeting that you would consent to be the candidate, and to represent to your Excellency their decided opinion that the compleat success of that cause, with which they believe the interests of the people to be inseparably connected, will be essentially promoted by a compliance on your part with a request which that consideration induces them to urge with so much solicitude.

With sentiments of respect and esteem, we are your friends and humble servants,




Wm. D. FORD,


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Source: Albany (NY) Register
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)