Peter Buell Porter to MVB, 14 June 1815

P[eter] B[uell] Porter to [MVB], 14 June 1815

Steam Boat Richmond 


I have been thus long detained by the indisposition which commenced before you left Albany.

After a long negotiation with Judge Wallace I closed a bargain with him on board the boat at 9. this morning, for the 200 acres of land ^at 9. dolls pr acre^ — to pay the money & receive a deed on my return to Albany.

If you are still disposed to take the half, you will please authorise some person at Albany to unite with me in completing the purchase. Please also drop me a line at N.York & name the person to whom you wish your share to be conveyed. If it is not convenient for you to advance the whole of the purchase money at this time, it may possibly be in my power to get a short credit for a part. Little should be said of this purchase at present.

In haste yours truly 

P.B. Porter

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