Christopher Tappen Jr. to Unknown, 12 April 1815

Ch[ristopher] Tappen Jr. to Unknown, 12 April 1815



By this evenings mail I received a circular from Atty. Genl: Van Buren demanding payment of Sup. Co. Clks. fees, &c.

You will find those to be paid on the 2d. last month—Since which time no quarterly returns have been notified by you.

Mr. Ten Broechs who paid the money for me said he had some difficulty—in being referred to the former atty Genl & by him to the present atty Genl. & by him to you.

I think your Book's will Shew a good share of punctuality on my part, & although my receipt will protect me against the Atty. Genl.—yet I do not wish even the People to be put to unnecessary costs. 

Perhaps you had better give new instructions to the Atty. Genl. And should I labor under a mistake I shall be happy to receive any information that may be useful. 

Very Respectfully

Yours &c.

Ch. Tappen Jun

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