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MVB to [John W. Taylor], 25 December 1814

dear Taylor,

I am sick of the Circuit which has been a very busy one & cannot write you much. I fear too that I scold too much. This I cannot help. I think congress is in a state of convalescence, but question whether its recovery is a great disideration it (which you know is of the <neuter>) can never be otherwise than a cripple. The next I hope will be full grown & strong. I never felt so much anxiety for the 4th. of March.

It is said that the Hartford deacons yclept a convention have sat with closed doors for several days debating on the sabbath act, some it Connecticut it is said is for the introduction of most of the penalties imposed by the blue Laws, while massachusetts wishes to except smuggling. Rhode Island with her fifteen men holds forth largely & threatens to over-run Nyork & lay her waste. How this war of words will end cannot be conjectured but all are of opinion that they never will rise without doing something towards invigorating, supporting & confirming the old "Sea Brook Platform". Write me to Utica. <illegible> Fish will explain to you why I go there. See a short note I wrote to him. The man recommended for postmaster is a federalist. I do not think a post officer necessary there.



Martin Van Buren

Dec. 25. Recd. 30. 1814

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Source: NHi New-York Historical Society
Collection: John W. Taylor Papers (NHi)
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)