Abraham A. Van Buren to Lawrence Van Buren, 24 November 1814

Ab[raham] A. Van Buren to Lawrence Van Buren, 24 November 1814

D brother

You last winter proposed to sell the Guy to me and take my note which was ultimately to be endorsed you on the <final> purchase of the <land> over the <road>. Presuming that you will be as willing to let me have the <avails> of the old fellow as himself I propose to you to let me have the money when collected and take my note as above you can have no very great necessity for the money by winter I have.

But if you should want the money next winter or spring, I shall take up my note as the business we have done will shew yield as something handsome and not before. I hope you will agree to this proposition as, I repeat, I want the money very much. It is not yet collected, but if you are willing I should have it, let me know by return of mail as it will have a very great influence on some important arrangements which I wish to make. Write tomorrow & say yes. I shall certainly repay it if you wish that.

Yours truly


Let me know ^how^ <Divide> is in your letter. Abrm

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