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MVB to [John] W. Taylor, 19 October 1814

My dear friend,

I enclose you a Bill which has yesterday passed the Senate after d nine days discussion. It was opposed by Root in all its Stages. It finally passed 21 to 6 Root being the only republican who voted against it. The assembly are now acting upon it. Clark, from Delaware the Companion of Root moved to strike out the first section if he was voted down by an overwhelming no Mr Sill then stated that he held in his hand a substitute which he would offer "not with the hope of its succeeding fror from the disposition evinced by that house to buo trample." Here he was ordered to sit down. After a little while he offered his substitute on which the vote stood 60 sixty four agt. the Substitute &amp Thirty eight for it. The Bill will pass without material amendments. Young does himself much credit. So does Hackly. You will see that this State will pay several millions as Bounty to those men & for other purposes. We are now passing a Bill to raise two Regiments of Blacks to consist of 1000 each & we have a Bill on our table to raise 2000 Seafencibles all at the expense of this State. We have also <pondered> the Volunteers under Porter to Receive additional pay.

I hope there will be no difficulty on the part of the General govermnt to do what the Bill requires.

I canot be more particular now but will write you hereafter. I shall visit you next month. Write me at Hudson.

Yours very sincerely


NB. The substitute directed that the troops should be raised by Voluntary enlistment & should not go out of the State.

Martin Van Buren

October 19th. 1814

Rec'd. October 24th

Ansd — 31 –

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Source: NHi New-York Historical Society
Collection: John W. Taylor Papers (NHi)
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)