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Lawrence Van Buren to John Armstrong, 9 May 1814


The commander in chief of the militia of the State of New York has referred me to the war department for instructions relative to the payment of the Militia officers who have been called into the service of the United States; including ^such^ as have served upon Genl. Militia Court Martials.

The following interrogatories embrace the objects of Enquiry.

1 Are the members of a Genl. Militia Court Martial entitled to the pay mentioned under the head "transportation" in the rules & articles of war

2 Are they entitled to pay for fuel actually used

3 Are Militia officers not members &c. but ordered on distant commands &c. and there discharged entitled to pay for the transportation of their baggage home

I have in my hands a sum of money which I understood was to be appropriated to the above purposes. I deem it proper too have been advised however, by the Comr. in Chief first to receive instructions from the war Department. The Court martial referred to is the ^one^ ordered by Brigr. Genl. Hopkins, of which Col James Tallmadge was President.

I have the honor to be yr. excellency's

very obt & very humble servt.

Lawrence Van Buren Brigade

quarter master of Brigr. Genl. Hopkins


Kinderhook May 1. 1814

L. Van Buren

Solicits instructions about

paying members of

militia Courts Martial

1. are they entitled to the

pay in the regulations

under the head


2. are they allowed for

the fuel actually


3. are they allowed

transportation home


payment to be made as

in case of any other Mili

call subject to service


Recd. May 1814


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Source: DNA National Archives and Records Administration
Collection: RG 107 Records of the Office of Secretary of War, Letters Received by the Secretary of War, Unregistered Series
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)