Indenture between George Caines and MVB, 8 July 1814

Indenture between George Caines and MVB, 8 July 1814

This Indinture made the Eighth Day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fourteen Between George Caines of the city of Hudson Esquire of the one part and Martin Van Buren of the same place Esquire of the other part & Whereas the said George Caines is by his Bond bearing even Date with deed executed immediately proceding before these presents, is and stands Holden unto the said Martin in the final sum of six thousand Dollars, with Condition thereunder written for the payment of the sum of two thousand and nine hundred & forty Dollars In three years from the Date thereof with Interest to be computed in manner following viz, On the sum of two Thousand Dollars, at the Rule of Seven per cent, and on the Remainder at the rate of Three and a half per cent untill the same becomes due, and there after at the rate of seven per cent as by Referenced being had to the said Bond will more fully appear. Now this Indenture witnesseth that for the further securing payment of the said sums of money and the interest unto the said Martin, his executors, Heirs Administrators and assigns, according to the true intent of the said Bond, and for divers other good causes & considerations him thereunto moving He the said George Caines hath Granted Bargained sold assigned and Set over and by these presents, doth grant, bargain, Sell, assign and Set over and Deliver in due form of Law unto the said Martin Van Buren all & singular the Books, Goods and Chattels in the Schedule or Inventory hereunder written which said Goods & Chattles are now in the possession of the said Martin & all the Right, Interest benefit and advantage of him the said George Caines of in and to the said hereby granted premises. To have & To Hold receive occupy & enjoy all the said hereby granted premises to & for the only use and benefit of him the said Martin Van Buren his Executors administrators and assigns, forever hereafter, as for his and their own proper goods and Chattles; And the said George Caines, for himself, his executors, administrators and assigns all & singular the hereby bargained goods and chattles unto the said Martin Van Buren his Heirs Executors & administrators against all and every person & persons, shall & will warrant ^former^ refered; Provided always & these presents are upon that Condition, that if the said George Caines his Executors, administrators & assigns shall do well and truly pay to the said Martin Van Buren his Heirs Executors administrators & assigns, the said sum of money mentioned in the said Bond with the Interest thereon, at the the time stipulated for the Condition of the said Bond, according to the true intent thereof, that them as well these presents as also the said Bond, shall be void and of no effect; and that the said Goods & chattles mentioned in the Schedule or Inventory hereunder written shall be delivered by the said Martin Van Buren to the said George Caines, any thing to the Contrary thereof, herein contained notwithstanding. And that in case Default shall be made in the payment of the said Sum of money, with the interest, at the time limited for the payment of the same with the Interest according to the condition of the said Bond, and in case that no agreement shall be made in the meantime between the said George Caines and the said Martin Van Buren for the final purchase of the said Goods and chattles contained in the Schedule hereto annexed, it shall & may be lawful for the said Martin Van Buren his Heirs Executors administrators & assigns to sell & dispose of the same at public auction or Vendue, to the highest Bidder therefore, after having given three weeks fair and public notice of the said sale its time & place and out of the money to arise from such sale thereof, to pay & retain to him & themselves, the said Sum of money mentioned in & according to the condition of the said Bond & all reasonable charges & expences touching the Same; He & they rendering to the said George Caines, his Heirs, Executors administrators or assigns the over plus monies (if any such there be) and they herein to the contrary notwithstanding; And lastly it is covenanted & agreed between the parties to these presents, that the said Martin Van Buren shall continue in the use occupation possession & enjoyment of the said Goods & chattles mentioned in the said Schedule untill the time limited for the payment of the said money, mentioned in the Condition of the said Bond and in case Default shall be made in the payment thereof untill the time appointed for the Sale of the same in the manner herein before stated.

In Witness whereof the said parties to these presents, have hereunto interchangeably set their Hands & Seals the day and year first above written.

Sealed & Delivered  
In presence of— Geo Caines
The words "preceding" 7th line 1st page  
and "with the interest" 25th. line 2nd. page  
first erased, & the word "forever" 10th. line MVBuren
first second page interlined.  
Benjm. F Butler  

Schedule and Inventory of Books, being the good & chattles ganted Bargained Sold, assigned Set over & Delivered by George Caines to Martin Van Buren this eigth day of July One Thousand Eight Hundred & fourteen, now in the possession of the said Martin, and particularly referred to in the above—


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