MVB, Notes for United States v. Hull (outline for evidence summation), c23 March 1814

[MVB], Notes for United States v. Hull [outline for evidence summation], [c23 March 1814]

1 <Introduction> including consequences

2d. The falt must lay on Governmt army or Gen

3d. The Genl. has attributed it to Governmt Troops & officers.

4th. My duyty to shew where the falt lays, & in doing so will have to lay it at the Genl door

5h. Here in the manner in which I will speak of him.

6h. The Charge


I abandoned

The other sifted down see notes

7th. His order.

8th. His Duty was <thus>

9th. He crossed th & what he did & what he did not

10th. Why was not Malden taken refer particularly to the notes

11th. Why not interested

12th. Why not take on the 7th. of August & why was Canada evacuated? See notes 

13th. The two attempts to open the Communication

14th. Not preventing the enemy to erect their Batteries

15th. Not annoying the Vessels

16th. The Capitulation

1. Its necessity

2. The Manner

3. The Terms

4. Cowardice

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