MVB, Notes for United States v. Hull (on Gen. Hull's opening), c23 March 1814

[MVB], Notes for United States v. Hull [on Gen. Hull's opening], [c23 March 1814]

Notes on Genl Hulls opening

Allusion to the possibility of governmental & political Influence, prejudicing his case.

Objects to the giving evidence afterwards, think it would be wrong.

Did not think Malden an object.

His orders were to march to Detroit & left him no discretion as to leaving Amherstburg <or> fortifyed places in his rear

Operations below suspended

The purpose of the charge of Treason is <answered> & cannot be averted.

In the present disolution of the Western frontier is an illustration of the evils I wanted to avoid.

It was impossible to prevent an army landing under Battery of a naval force.

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