MVB to Archibald McIntyre, 14 May 1815

MVB to [Archibald McIntyre], 14 May 1815



I shall not be at Albany in less than two & perhaps not in three weeks Mrs Van Burens state of health renders it necessary that I should go to the eastward with her.

Not having the act under which the lands in Mc Combs purchase were charged, before me & being unadvised as to some other facts which might possibly be material, I have not ^thought it^ proper to make up a formal opinion on the subject, but which I shall do on my return. In the mean time I would advise you to act as if the sales were valid as I have not a doubt but that will prove to be the case. If there are any Bonds or Mortgages that want attendng to give them to Mr Butler.

Yours very respectfully


P.S. What a remarkable election! At all events the councill will be ours this inter nos.

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