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MVB to J[ohn] W. Taylor, 20 December 1813


My dear friend,

Your very kind & flattering Letter was duly received, & its requests shall be punctually complied with. At present my close application to the business of the approaching term together with the business of interesting events in this quarter prevents my writing to you at lenght, but when I am once seated at Albany this will not be the case.

I regret that you was not down in season to exert your friendship in relation to the appointment of Mr Butler The appointment which was made astonished every republican in the county & has ^as^ have several others which have been made for this quarter for the last few years. They have had their foundation in personal resentment to me. Without entering so largely into this subject as I propose to do hereafter, I for the present content myself by giving you the key to them. John P Van Ness of Washington left here in 1804 (the Burr election) at war with the republican party & he & myself have never been even on Speaking terms since that period. He has been able disgracefull & disgusting as it is to succeed in defeating the Wishes of our the friends & supporters of the causes ^here^ hitherto. How are those appointments which ^were^ made in vacation must they not be re-appointed at the expiration of the Session.

I shall probably write more freely to you than to any of the other of our members & will be well for you to bear that in mind in the use of my letters, I write to Mr Fisk by this mail also. His Letters will be for him or you on my honor ^as^ he choses yours as for will generally ^sometimes^ be for yourself only, at least some parts of them, your discretion will manage this.

Yours cordially


Martin Van Buren

Dec. 20. 1813

Ansd. Jany 21. 1814

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Source: NHi New-York Historical Society
Collection: John W. Taylor Papers (NHi)
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)