MVB to Enos Thompson Throop, 20 April 1813

MVB to E[nos] T[hompson] T[hroop], 20 April 1813

Dr Sir,

The middle district will uneqivocally elect its senators & give Tompkins near a from 500 to 1000 majority. The <South^ern^> is some what doubtfill but will I am persuaded give us a small majority. We entertain full confidence of the success of the greatest part of our Ticket in Nyork. Dutchess will do well, Columbia as usual very little dissention, a good spirit afoot. Will you be so good as to drop me a line directed to Nyork giving the earliest election news you get?

Yours affectionately


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NB. The eastern district will give a pretty <heavy> majority, agt. us Tompkins will at least go even into the Western district.

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