Jacob Radcliffe to MVB, 26 November 1812

Jacob Radcliffe to MVB, 26 November 1812



I received yours addressed to Mr Ogden & myself a few days since proposing that we should meet as arbitrators in the case you mention on the 10th of next month at Kinderhook, & have delayed an answer in order to assertain whether it would be in our power to attend. Mr. Ogden has informed me to day that it is wholly impracticable on his part & it is by no means convenient to me, altho' I should have complied with your request if he could have attended. He desired me to mention that his situation in regard to other engagements necessarily prevents at ^him^ & that he will cheerfully undertake the business at some more convenient time if desired. I should think some less incliment season would be more agreeable to all parties if other circumstances will admit. At present we regret that we cannot accommodate the parties.

I am Sir

Your Obedt St,

Jacob Radcliffe

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