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Thomas Addis Emmet to MVB, 20 November 1812

Dear Sir

A Continuance of Severe indisposition obliges me to address you thro' the means of an amanuensis. As attorney General I do hereby authorise you to institute and prosecute in the name of the people and on their title one or two Suits in Ejectment in the Supreme Court for any or parts (which to you may seem best) of the gore or Supposed gore in the County of Columbia between the Livingston and Van Ranselaer Patents So as to leave the title of the People to the said Gore investigated and tried provided the persons desiring Such investigation Shall Execute a Bond or Bonds to Me as attorney General and in a sufficient amount to indemnify the State against all Costs and Expences. A bond of that kind was prepared by and Executed to Mr. <Heidrith> a Copy of which I enclose you for your government and I rely upon you to take Care and have the Bonds in the present Case drawn effectually and Safely for the State and for Me.

I am Dear Sir

your friend and

humble servant

Thomas Addis Emmet

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Source: NjP Princeton University
Collection: General Manuscripts (NjP)
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)