MVB and Cornelius Miller to John Peter Van Ness, 5 November 1812

MVB and [Cornelius] Miller to John P[eter] Van Ness, 5 November 1812



Your note formerly discounted at the Bank of Hudson (indorsed by John C Hogeboom) has been left at our Office, as the Attornies for the Bank, for collection. It is an established regulation of the Bank, not to commence a suit against any of the Directors, of course Mr. Hogeboom cannot be sued as Indorser, & we can only proceed against you alone. We trust on the receipt of this you will make such arrangements, as will do away the necessity of our proceeding any further in this business. We feel extremely unwilling to have your property attached in this State, such a course (& that is our only one), would give a publicity to the transaction, we are feel anxious to avoid.

Your obt & humble Serts.

Van Buren & miller

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