Enos Thompson Throop to MVB, 22 September 1811

E[nos] T[hompson] Throop to MVB, 22 September 1811


Caleb Cornell


Joseph Wright of the

City of New York.

Deed on file dated Sept 26. 1786, Wits. John <Bush> Chas. P. Rogers. Proved by Rogers before <I>. M. Hughes but Grantor not identified. Recorded in the Secretary’s office Decr. 1792.

Joseph Wright

conveys to.

Nicholas Fish.

1st. April 1790. on file.

Caleb Cornwall of

Hamstead Queens Cy.

Weaver conveys to

Edward Taylor of Cattskill.

2nd. April 1783. Deed on file. No considerations expressed in the deed. Wits: Stephen Barker John Ackler, George Rider & John Smith Duly proven before J.V.N. Yates  18 <Novr> <1801> & consideration proved at same time.

Edward ^his^ talor


conveys. to

Abraham Salisbury

18 May 1789. No consideration expressed in the deed.

Dr. Sir

The above is all the information I can furnish you from the Records in my Office relative to 6. Hannibal. The Awards of that Township are in Onondago County. If Awarded & no dissent entered in time, the award is conclusive.

         I have been on the lot myself; the soil is good and the situation uncommonly eligible. It lays thus.

[see hand-drawn map in image below]

And is probably worth at least $25. pr. acre.

         This price is conjectural. From the newness of the County it can have no fixed value. The Village of Oswego must in time from its situation be a place of great consequence, but may not arrive at much notoriety in a great many years. As there has been so much fraud practiced in the title of lands in the military tract I should advise you to be cautious in ascertaining the title (so as to leave no doubt) before you purchase.

I am respectfully & Sincerely Yours,

E. T. Throop

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