MVB to William Peter Van Ness, 10 January 1815

MVB to [William Peter] Van Ness, 10 January 1815



I hope you will excuse my remissness in not writing you before. The circuit, the common pleas & my Jaunt to Utica, have kept me in hot water. I returned to this place <illegible> kept <illegible> <illegible> & adjourned our court to Troy. My principal residence after this will be here where I shall at all times be happy to hear from you & to communicate such information as may be agreeable to you.

I gave Holdridge a check on the Bank of Hudson in your name for $200 & took up the note. The cause was on the callender & no defence, Hoffman has done nothing except talk, he has agreed to confess Judgment. I got Van DerPool to drop the <dower> business untill I can see you. Where will you be after this? if in NYork Will you make my respects to <Duatin>. I love that man much.

Yours with much esteem


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