MVB to James Monroe, 9 January 1815

MVB to James Monroe, 9 January 1815



I returned to this place last evening from utica, whither I had repaired to discharge the duties attached to the station with which you had honored me. The court disgusted by the impositions which the people of utica who attempted to practice upon them & satisfyed that that place would be less convenient for the Witnesses have adjourned to Troy where on monday next they will assemble & proceed to business if we are ready.

The documents and papers connected with the prosecution have not been received, I hope they may be sent on without delay.

When I wrote to the A. & I. General in answer to the letter announcing my appointment, I submitted the necessity of directing the attendance of Major General Scott. Subsequent reflection & observation has satisfyed me of the propriety of repeating the suggestion. From causes which can require no elucidation a portion of the people of this State observe the movements of government in relation to this trial with Jealous eyes. It is the public impression, that Genls Scott & Gains are the most material witnesses and their not being summoned is relyed on as evidence of a disposition,​ to screen Wilkinson.

I am sensible of the hardship on Maj Genl Scott to compel him to travel so far north at this season of the year and under the probable State of his wounds. Perhaps it is impracticable, but should that be the case & he be summoned to attend it would obviate the Injurious impressions which are attempted to be made.

I am the more solicitous on this head on account of the present irritation of the public mind, produced by the dilatory temporising & indecissive course which congress are taking in relation to the military & fiscal concerns of the nation. This of itself furnishes abundant ground for <clamours> to the opposition & renders it very desirable to avoid others.

Genl. Brown is said to be unwell & diserous to come west east. His testimony will be material & I request that he may be summoned from the war office to attend the trial.

With much respect & esteem

your obedient Servant



Major Wilkinson

Albany Jany


Jany 1815

M Van Buren

Judge Advocate

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