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MVB, Commission of surrogacy, 25 July 1812

The People of the State of New-York, by the Grace of God,

free and independent.


To Gideon P. Wolcott of

the town of Granger in the County

of Columbia, send Greeting:

Whereas Lydia Pulver mother of Hannah Pulver daughter of Teunis Pulver

late of the town of Granger in Columbia County, deceased, has, by her Petition, presented to Martin Van Buren Esquire, our Surrogate for our said County of Columbia, represented that the said Hannah is three years of age, and which is likewise ascertained by the affidavit of Lydia Pulver filed in the office of our said Surrogate; That the said Hannah is legally entitled to real & personal estate in the County of Columbia, in which estate you the said Petitioner are apprehensive the said Hannah may sustain loss, for want of a proper person legally empowered to save and improve the same; and requested aid of the honorable Court of our Surrogate, of and for our said County of Columbia, in the premises, under the statue of the state of New-York, passed the 5th day of April, 1802, entitled, "An Act authorizing Surrogates to appoint Guardians for Infants;" and that Gideon P. Wolcott of the town of Granger aforesaid, might be appointed Guardian of the Person and Estate of the said Hannah until she shall attain to the age of fourteen: And whereas you the said Gideon by an instrument in writing, under your hand, bearing date the twenty fifth day of July 1812 now on file in the office of the said Surrogate, have consented to accept said Guardianship: And we being desirous that the person, interests, concerns and estate of the said Infant should be well, diligently and faithfully managed and attended to, Do allow you the said Gideon to be Guardian to the said Infant, and do grant unto you the said Gideon by these Presents, full power and authority to take proper and diligent care of the said Infant's person, her education, her estate and interests of every kind, for the profit and benefit of the said Infant, until she shall arrive to the full age of fourteen, or until your Guardianship by these presents created shall be legally annulled, and not to intermeddle with any thing but of what you may render an account: And you the said Gideon are in all things to discharge the duty of a Guardian to said Infant, according to the laws of this state, and render a just and true account of such guardianship before any court having cognizance thereof, when thereunto required. In testimony whereof, we have caused the seal of office of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed.

Witness, Martin Van Buren Esquire, Surrogate of the said County, at Hudson the twenty fifth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve and of our independence the Thirty Seventh.


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Source: Surrogates Office, Columbia County, New York
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)