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MVB to John Armstrong [Jr.], 31 March 1814


This will be handed to you by my Brother who I have sent down with the proceedings in the case of Genl. Hull. On examining them you will I presume be surprised that he was not detained by the court, that he ought to have been was my opinion, the court however thought that it did not belong to them but to the Goverment to arrest & confine him.

If in this they erred that error was one of Judgment & not attributable to any mistaken or unjustifyable lenity.

For the purpose of enabling the President to consider the evidence & the important points respectively relyed upon I send you herewith a Copy of the notes I used in the final discussion of the cause together with an analysis of the Testimony made for the same object purpose.

I hope the President & yourself will be satisfyed with the general course pursued in the prosecution of this tedious & unpleasant trial.

The only remaining subject on which it becomes necessary for me to trouble you is the question of my own compensation & on this I feel some embarrassment arising from my Ignorance whether my application to you on the prop ^subject^ is proper. Those of my friends however, who I presumed best knew, deem the course I purpsue as the proper one.

You will perceive that I have charged $3000. This sum has been suggested by some prominent friends military as well as others who have witnessed the trial. Being myself wholly ^un^informed as to the usual allowance in similar cases I must submit it wholly to you, barely remarking that the appointment reached me shortly before the Term of the Supreme Court. That I was prevented from attending that court at which I had many causes of consequence & sustained serious loss by ^in consequence of^ my necessary absence. That the Trial has been very long, considerably painfull & excessively tedious & that in my Judgment the allowance I ask would be but reasonable.

The Pres The proper authority will however settle the amount with which I must & shall be satisfyed.

No provision has been made here for the payment of my brother who I send down with the proceedings according to the directions of the articles of war.

With Respect & consideration

your obedient Servant


Albany March 31, 1814.

M. V. Buren

Sends by his brother the proceedings in the case of Genl. Hull, with a copy of his notes & ^an^ analysis of the evidence. Has charged 3000$ which the thinks correct. The Court hase not detained the prisoner.

The Accountant will inform the Secretary of War what was the sums given to Mr. Jones. (Allow 2000$. the sum given to Mr Jones for services on Wilkinson’s trial.

Recd April 1814

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Source: DNA National Archives and Records Administration
Collection: RG 107 Records of the Office of Secretary of War, Letters Received by the Secretary of War, Unregistered Series
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)