James Van Alen to Unknown, 2 January 1810

James Van Alen to Unknown, 2 January 1810


Mr. Tobias Van Buren is very anxious respecting his suit agt. the <Pulver> & the <illegible> had in consequence of Peter I Goes being related. A second view was ordered by you, which took place on monday last, & William Southerland ^Esqr.^ was substituted in the place of Mr. Goes. Mr. John M. Putty [. . .] was regularly notified, and regrets [. . .] to attend that day & refused. I am [. . .] Putty attended, both premises where however shewn to the freeholders.

Mr. Van Buren has been informed that Van Derpoel, means to take advantage of John M. Putty not attending to take View. The result may be that there was no View & may cause delay in that suit. All however has been done on the part of demandant that could be done. If Putty demand View & refused to take it, the consequences ought to lay at his Door. When I last Saw him that day he told him that he had seen it once & did not want to see it again. Mr. Van Buren is anxious you should write him imediately your opinion on it.

In haste yours

James I Van Alen 

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