MVB, Capias warrant for Joseph Butler, 16 January 1808

MVB, Capias warrant for Joseph Butler, 16 January 1808


County, Ss.


THE People of the State of New-York by the Grace of God Free and Independent; To our Sheriff of our County aforesaid, Greeting:—WE command you that you take Joseph Butler

if he shall be found within your Balliwick, and him safely keep, so that you may have his Body before our Judges and Assistant Justices, at our Court of Common Pleas, to be held at the Court-House in the City of Hudson, in and for the County aforesaid, on [intentionally blank] day the tenth day of June next to answer unto Henry Coon in a plea of Tresspass for the Case to his damage three hundred Dollars.

And have you then there this Writ. Witness William Wilson Esquire, First Judge of our said Court, at Hudson, the sixteenth Day of January in the thirty-second Year of our Independence.


K. Hogeboom Clerk.

Col. Com. Pleas

Henry Coon


Joseph Butler

<Case> in

Debt <illegible$300

M. VBuren


June 16. 1808

Body Taken, Fees $2=00

John C Hogeboom Atty


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