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MVB et al. to the New York legislature, 18 February 1805

To the honorable the Legislature of the State of New york in Senate and assembly Convened,

The subscribers being freeholders and Inhabitants of the Town of Kinderhook in the county of Columbia humbly represent,

That the Bridge lately erected by the Inhabitants of the Town of Kinderhook and the City of Hudson over the Kinderhook Creek between the Mills of Lawrence and Townsend, and the mouth of the Claverack Creek, on the Stage Road leaving from the City of Albany to the City of Hudson, and from the thence to the City of Newyork has lately been carried away by the freshet, and that the building and keeping in repair of this Bridge has already been ^more^ burdensome to the Inhabitants of the Said Town of Kinderhook and the City Hudson, and ^that^ this is the Second Bridge which ^has^ been erected by the said Town of Kinderhook & the City of Hudson and swept away by the freshet in the Course of a few years. Your Petitioners beg leave further to represent that it is of the utmost public utility that an other Bridge should immediately ^be^ erected, and that they have no <fund> to which they can <resort> to build another [. . .] [page cut off] them Inhabitants, and the Bridge to be erected is <illegible> stage ^the^ Road, from New york to Albany, that the hon[o]r of erecting another Bridge <inures> to the Public, and is of great public utility. And that your honorable ^body^ will grant your Petitioners relief in the premisses, by passing a Law to have the Bridge erected at the expense of the State, or to appropriate such sum for erecting another Bridge on the said Road at the place herein before mentioned, under such direction, as you shall think proper; or to grant us ^other^ such relief as you in your wisdom shall ^think^ meet,

And your Petitioners as in duly bound shall ever pray,


February 10th 1805}

James I. Van Alen


Nich Kittle

Peter L. Van Alen

Harmen Vosburgh

John A Vosburgh


James McNeil

Jno Martin

N. Welles

Alexander Van Alstyne


Abraham slingerlandt

Gliburt Clapp

Moses Brick

Lambert Claw

Saml Huntington

Jacob Van Hoesen


B. Hilton

Thomas Stevens

[page cut off] 

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Source: NNC Columbia University
Collection: Van Schaack Family Papers (NNC)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)