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MVB to [John W. Taylor], 6 February 1814

My dear Friend,

For the last month I have ben excessively engaged in the Trial of Genl. Hull & when I shall get through the Lord knows. Its result will be creditable to the Govermnt & deplorable to the accused. This ^it^ may not be proper to mention as coming from me. This eng^a^gement has so harassed me that it has not been in my power to excute my one wishes by writing you frequently. When the cause ceases the effect will also cease, but in the mean time I sincerely wish you would write me often, all you know feel or think which its is proper that I too might know & feel or in which I can help you think.

The operation of the Legislature you have doubtless been informed of. In the Choice of Councill it Federal aid or rather Radcliff aid was expected two of our members did not arrive & therefore the thing was not attempted if they had arrived we migght perhaps have succeeded at all events the difference would not have more than one or two. The councill chosen are unknown Whether Lewis will attend & how they will act in case he does attend is wholly unknown. The Assembly have reported an answer destitute of talents and distinguished for nothing but party Virulence & blind subserviency to eastern fanaticism. We have had much trouble in the easte ^middle^ District but will set have settled down as you will see in the next argus. Talmadge is excluded for the present. He must postpone the gratification of his ambitions. Many a man has been obliged to do so before him.

You know I never would not flatter Neptune for his trident. Believe me therefore that when I tell you that your late conduct in Congress has raised you higher than you ever stood before & you are still going up. every time

Every time the penny post calls after this & brings me no letter from you I will Kick him! So that if you have any regard for poor Winne write me every mail

Yours affectionately


M. V. Buren

Feby 6. 1814

Ansd 15 —

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Source: NHi New-York Historical Society
Collection: John W. Taylor Papers (NHi)
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)