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[MVB], Notes for the Hull trial [abbreviations of charges and specifications], c3 January 1814

The United States}  
William Hull} Abbreviation of Charges
  & Specifications


Ist. Charge

Treason agt. the U. States between the 9th. of April & 17th. of August 1812

First Specification

1. The sending the Boat & papers 1st. July 1812 from Rapid to Detroit.

Second Specification

I. The abandonment of Sandwich a post necessary to the reduction of Malden.

2d. A Refusal to attack Malden in consequence of a traitorous combination.

3d. Traitorous neglect to make the necessary preparation to attack Malden.

Third Specification

I. The dilapidated State of the guns & gun Carriages at Detroit & the traitorous neglect to repor[t] them.

2d. The Same as to the Fort

3d. Omission to repel the approaches of the enemy.

5th. The tratorous Surrender.

IId. Charge

Cowardice at & in the Neighborhood of Detroit between 1st. July & 17th August 1812

First Specification

I. Misbehaviour before the Enemy by evincing personal alarm in his conduct & conversation.

By abandoning the attack on Malden.

By quitting Sandwich

By retreating to Detroit without cause.

Second Specification

I By manifesting great fear during the Cannonading on the 15th & cowardly expressions in the public Street.

Third Specification

I Cowardly actions & expressions on the 16th when the Enemy was approaching

By avoiding all personal danger

By not attempting to prevent the Enemies crossing or Landing

By refusal & omission to reconnoitre.

By hastily sending flags of truce to the Enemy with overtures for a Capitulation

By withdrawing his person from american troops in the field to a place of Safety

By Irresolute fluctuating & inconsistent orders.

By calling the American Troops from the field & calling ^crowding^ them in the fort.

By a precipitate declaration that he surrendered before terms of Capitulation were suggested.

Fourth Specification

I Surrender of Detroit upon the Impulse of personal fear only.

2d. Disgracefull Capitulation because

1st. No Stipulation that garrison should march out with the honors of War.

2d. None in favor of the Canadians

3d. None to advise the Secy at War.

IIId Charge

Neglect of Duty & unofficerlike Conduct while commanding a Separate army between the 9th April & 17. August 1812.

First Specification

I. Neglecting to receive & his troops from 25 May to 16th August

2d. No order of Battle prepared

Seccond Specification

3d. Sending the papers by the Boat having notice &c.

Third Specification

I Neglecting to repair the guns & gun Carriages

Fourth Specification

1st. By not Seasonably repairing & making the necessary gun carriages.

2d. A useless waste of time at Sandwich in projects to conciliate the British Inhabitants & Indians.

3d. Postponing in the first Instance & finally abandoning the <investment> & attack on Malden.

4th. Th By evacuating the province without in any way Stipulating for the Safety of the Inhabitants who had Joined him.

Fifth Specification

1 The importance of & neglect of Keeping open the Communication with the post at the river raisin.

4th August 2d. Sending Major V Horne with Inadequate force to open the Same

8th August 3d. By Sending Lt. Col. With 500 men without sufficient provisions

14th August 4th. Sending Col. Cass & McArthur without furnishing them with Sufficient provisions


1 Van Horne was defeated

2d. Miller after a victory obliged to return

3d. McArthur & Cass obliged to return

Sixth Specification

1 By omitting to take & retain the Bridge over the aux. Canard & investing & attacking Malden

Seventh Specification

I Refusing to annoy the enemy in erecting their Batteries

2d. Neglecting to fortify the Landing place at Spring Wells

3d Neglecting to attack the enemy at Spring Wells & afterwards.

The U. States


  Wm. Hull.

Abreviation of


Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)