MVB to Francis Stebbins, 29 August 1811

MVB to [Francis Stebbins], 29 August 1811

To the Editor of the Nothern Wig


In your paper of the 23d. Inst. you state that I am the author of a communication under the Signature of Benjamin Birdsail Junr Esquire which appeared in the Bee of the same date. [. . .] did this charge affect me only I should treat it with the same contempt I have the tissue of misrepresentation with which your paper has lately teemed against me, but as it is calculated to hold up Mr. Birdsail in the ^an^ odious light of appearing before the public and as my name is made use of for that purpose, it is due to him that I should declare, as I hereby do, that it is not true that I wrote the publication ^communication^ alluded to, ^or^ that I never ^ever^ conected it or suggested the matter it contains or that he ever advised or consulted ^<considered>^ with me with respect to the Contents of the communication or the propriety of its publication.

You will please to insert this note in your next paper.

Your hble Servt


Mr Miller will make a Copy of this & sign my name to it & hand it to the Editor of the Wig. He will ascertain & fill up the dates


To the Editor of the Northern Wig


Copy to Stebens

Aug 29/11

Editorial Process Complete