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MVB to [DeWitt] Clinton, 9 April 1810


Dr Friend,

I wrote you at Albany the Result of our Charter Election which I presume you received, you can have no Idea of the effect it has had on the Spirits of the Feds. It was attacking them at head quarters in every town in the County our friends though not successfull have done well Kinderhook has reduced the federal majority more than half. One year more will bring her back to the ground from She has left. In Dutchess the Feds. last year had 11 & we 5 Supervisors this year we have 11 & they 5. I have seen several Gentlemen from that County within a day or two and from what they say I am fully persuaded we will carry our assembly ticket there. The Chancellor I am told is very active and that not more than three fourths of his times is devoted to his Sheep. What he will make out I do not know. We probably will renominate his son in Law Robert for the Assembly. Our old Marplot Dr Younglove has taken great pains to make our Quid folks believe that I have opposed Lewis’s nomination at our County meeting and that it was rejected. I have taken means to have the principal Lewisites satisfyed upon this subject they are I am informed more active than were ever they were. We can get no bet now except on the Assembly Ticket in Nyork. Be so good as to inform me what your Impressions are on this subject.

Yours sincerely


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Source: NNC Columbia University
Collection: DeWitt Clinton Papers (NNC)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)