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MVB to [John Peter Van Ness], 25 November 1803

Dr. Friend

I Recd. both your Letters at this place, it is true that the non reception of the expected aid on my part created some considerable embarrassment, but it is equally true that I did never for moment qu entertain the least doubt as to the Sincerity of your Friendship, it gives me pain that you should entertain an Idea of that Kind. Your Letters contain reasons sufficient. I was examined on Wednesday [. . .] evening together with my brother James & some other Gentlemen, we had S. Jones, Boyd & Johnson, for our Examiner[s.] They declared themselves perfectly and entirely Satisfyed, and we were of course admitted to the Bar this day. My Debt in Newyork has encreased to about $[. . .]50 $150. The payment whereof is deferred for two or three months, James & myself will commence business in Kinderhook where I have the fullest assurance that we will as much as we require

My Respects to Mrs. Van Ness

Let me if you please hear from

You. In haste yours Sincerely


James wishes to be remembered to you

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Source: MoSHi Missouri Historical Society
Collection: Presidents Collection, 1802-1969 (MoSHi)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)