John Peter Van Ness to MVB, 11 November 1803

John P[eter] Van Ness to MVB, 11 November 1803


Dr Sir

I wrote you lately by Mr. Jacob Vanness upon the very subject which I afterwards did, ^receive^ & before had, received a communication from you upon. I hope you have received this letter [. . .]as you are doubtless as we supposed now at N. York. I will not for a single moment suppose that you doubt my attachment to you: but I declare most solemnly to you that with all my warmth of feelings for you it is impossible for me at this moment to advance you any Cash. My credit is at your service. Owing to the necessity we have of late been driven to, by very serious disappointments, of commencing several prosecutions for large sums of money, ^& the great scarcity of Cash here,^ we are totally prevented at this moment from transacting our own business without much embarrassment & difficulty. Write me soon & let me know how I can serve You. The Object must not be relinquished wh[. . .] is possible I am ready to do.

Your frie[nd]

John P. Van Ness—

N.B. I have been unwilling & reluctant in hopes of a change in the state of pecuniary affairs to tell you what numerous, & the most unexpected disappointments now oblige ^me^ to relate. In a very short time all this will be put aside. Everything that passes between us is to remain there. J. P. V. N.

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