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MVB to J[ohn] P[eter] Van Ness, 30 May 1803

Dear Friend,

In my last I made a proposition to you, your answer to which I solicted by the return of the mail, since which I have not heard from you[.] I mentioned that I made this request for a reason which I would at a future period Explain, to do this, is at present my object, being in a great measure Destitute of thatt article which ^is^ here so all important at a Distance from you, which prevented me from ^being^ intimately acquainted with your present Circumstances, however well I might be persuaded of the Goodness of your Disposition, I wrote to my brother desiring him to inform me whether he could if necessary advance me an additional sum at this Time, knowing that he did not calculate to advance me any more Untill fall, a Necessity, disagreeable suspense, & the Delicacy of calling upon a person who was not bound to me by Ties either of nature or obligation, prevailed upon me, however disagreeable to apply to him for additional aid. I have this day received an answer from him in which he tells me that, it is out of his Power to get money from his Debtors, that he is building which requires all the money at present at his Command, [. . .] Desiring me to let him know whether I could not <have> otherwise possibly do without it in which Case he would try to Borrow it for me. I have stated to him in my answer my present Situatio[n.] My having Recd. a Letter from you &c. (not making use however of your name) and so desiring him to put himself to no Inconvenience untill he should hear [f]rom me again, which I mean shall be after I have heard from you, which I hope will be soon,

Yours with

Perfect Esteem,


N. B. Excuse Imperfections I am in very great haste & write to a Friend

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Source: MoSHi Missouri Historical Society
Collection: Presidents Collection, 1802-1969 (MoSHi)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)