Archibald McIntyre to MVB, 29 May 1818

Arch[ibald] McIntyre to MVB, 29 May 1818

Comptroller's Office

Dear Sir,

Will you have the goodness to let me know whether in your opinion, the 15th. Section of the last supply bill, a copy of which you have above, ought to be considered as a repeal of the claim in the tax law, authorising the Comptroller to charge office fees, or merely as a direction to cause them to be paid into the Treasury, instead of retaining them for his own emolument. 

I directed the discontinuance of the charge of fees on the 21st. of April last; but shall again charge and direct the payment into the Treasury, if you ^should^ think that course to be correct.

I am very respectfully Sir

Your most obedt. Servt

Archd. Mc.Intyre Comptr.

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