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MVB to L[ucas Conrad] Elmendorf, 18 March 1815

Dr Elmendorf,

Mrs. VB. continues distressingly sick the physicians on consultation this morning report her simptoms favourable & I feel a lively hope that by Wednesday she will be in a situation that I can leave her. I have written to Mr Sanford on the subject of your business. It must remain untill I come up. I understand it perfectly & must & will carry it through at all events. The appointmts. of our county delay if you cannot ascertain that they can satisfactorily be made. The fatigue & anguish I have undergone has been most distressing. Mrs. VB. has for the most part been very delirious, during which she would for long periods hang round my neck & bemoan the fate of her children in the most heart rending strains. My love to Hubbard.

Sincerly & ever yours


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Source: Scott Emerson Books
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)