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MVB and Simeon De Witt, Report on the petition of Richard Goodell and the memorial of Mathew McNair et al., 20 February 1816

The attorney-general and surveyor-general, on the petition of Richard Goodwell, and also the memorial of Matthew McNair and others, reported as follows, to wit:

That the object of the petition and the memorial is, to authorise a sale to the petitioner of lots No. 42 and 6, in East Oswego.

The memorialists, consisting of a considerable number of the most respectable citizens in the vicinity of the premises, state, that the petitioner did, in 1813, erect a house, barn, and shed, on said lot No. 42, for the purpose of accommodating the public with an inn or tavern, for the want of which travelers had before been exposed to inconveniences and sufferings, and join in the prayer of the petitioner. The lots in East Oswego were not exposed for sale till September last, when the petitioner attended with a view of purchasing the lot on which his improvements, as aforesaid, were made; but as the commissioners of the land office had directed the sales to be by alternate lots, said lot No. 42, and a small water lot in front of it, distinguished as No. 6, which would otherwise have been put up together, were passed over at the vendue. Under these circumstances, the petitioner prays that he may be permitted to purchase these lots at a fair valuation.

M. VAN BUREN, Attorney-General.

S. DE WITT, Surveyor-General.

AlbanyFebruary 20, 1816.

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Source: Journal of the Senate of the State of New York
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)