Preamble and resolutions on slavery's extension, 19 January 1820

Preamble and resolutions on slavery's extension, [19 January 1820]

A copy of a resolution from the honorable the Assembly, delivered by their clerk, was read, and is in the words following, to wit:

Whereas the inhibiting the further extension of slavery in these United States, is a subject of deep concern among the people of this state: and whereas we consider slavery as an evil much to be deplored, and that every constitutional barrier should be interposed to prevent its further extension; and that the constitution of the United States clearly gives congress the right to require, of new states not comprised within the original boundaries of these United States, the prohibition of slavery, as a condition of its admission into the union—therefore,

Resolved, (if the honorable the senate concur herein,) That our senators be instructed, and our representatives in congress be requested, to oppose the admission as a state into the union, any territory not comprised as aforesaid, without making the prohibition of slavery therein an indispensible condition of admission—Therefore,

Resolved, That measures be taken by the clerks of the Senate and Assembly of this state, to transmit copies of the preceding resolutions to each of our senators and representatives in congress.


Ordered, That the consideration of the said resolution be postponed. 

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