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MVB to Nathan Williams, 18 March 1820

My dear Sir,

Your obliging & highly gratifying letter was exilerating to our friends. The prospects in the West cannot be half as good as they are with us, the oldest members of the party do not remember to have witnessed so much enthusiasm as is every ^where^ seen. My report on the Vice Presidents affairs will reach you as soon as this. It gives great satisfaction here & Buel cannot print them as fast as they are called for, you had better have an edition immediately struck off. You need not fear this for their committee will be utterly discredited, their zeal has outdone^run^ their discretion as you will see. Our report is but the precursor to other publications which will not leave them an inch of ground to stand upon. I am happy that I have been the innocent cause of drawing down upon you the anathemas of the Junto it has served to remove old jealousies & <test> the the stability of your character which I can with great sincerity has in this part of the state or risen in proportion to the virulence & malignity of the attack which has been made upon it. That the faction think so themselves is evident from the manner in which they back out in the last Register. Write me often & believe me to be

unfeignedly your friend


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Source: NUtHi Oneida County History Center
Collection: Nathan Williams Papers (NUtHi)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)