MVB to James Tallmadge Jr., 3 December 1819

MVB to [James Tallmadge Jr.], 3 December 1819


I am very happy to see that the observer has taken its stand on the old platform, much good must result from it. You must have long since ben satisfyed that the divisions & distractions ^which^ have for a long time existed at Poughkeepsie are unwise & unprofitable, is there no way in which they can be healed, could you not agree to restore fair & friendly political community if even you could not reciprocate private esteem?

We have but one great object in view, to reunite the honest portions of the old republican party & that done to forget past bickerings & let merit alone give precedence. I have in a line which I send to Mr. Bloom & which is the first I have written him asked the same question of him. If there is any thing I can do to that effect that object or to testify the sincerity of my respect & regard for you point it out.

Your friend & hble Sert


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