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Although I fhave recived some benefit from my visit to this place still I feel so much relaxed and my health so much more delicate than in the anxiety of the past week. I had supposed, as to render it hazardous for me to go to Schoharie next week & engage in the trial of Van Alstyne. I wish therefore that you would on the receipt of this call on Judge Spencer and advise with him what may & is necessary to be done. If he supposes that it is necessary that some one should go out & it is probable he will think so I presume you would have no difficulty in getting Mr Van Veghten or Mr Bleeker to go on the Govrs. reque authoring their employment [und]er the Statute for which I wish you to apply to him. Should there be any difficulty on this head which I know howevr there will not be I would consent to pay the fee myself rather than hazard going myself, unless I feel better by monday than I have ^now^ any reason to believe I will. My love to the family. I mean to be u

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Source: NNU-L New York University, School of Law
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)