John Herkimer and Abijah Mann Jr. to Return Jonathan Meigs Jr., 30 October 1820

John Herkimer and Abijah Mann Jr. to [Return Jonathan Meigs Jr.], 30 October 1820


At a county convention composed of five Republican delegates elected and chosen by and from each of the fifteen Towns in the county of Herkimer and State of Newyork held at the public Inn of Benjamin Kelsey in the village and town of Herkimer on the 30th day of October 1820, of which the Honabl. John Herkimer was chairman and Abijah Mann Junior Secretary

It was unanimously Resolved that a due regard to Republican principles, and to the maintainance and support of the Republican party demands the prompt removal from office of David Holt the present Postmaster in the village and town of Herkimer aforesaid.

It was also unanimously Resolved that Jabez Fox Esquire of the said village of Herkimer be and he is hereby recommended to the Honabl. the Postmaster General as a fit and proper person to be appointed Postmaster in said village and that the said convention have every reason to expect that the wishes of the county thus expressed will be listened to with attention by the head of the Post office Department and his pleasure made known as soon as may consist with the duties of his office and his own personal convenience

Signed by order of said convention

John Herkimer


A Mann Junr.


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