MVB, Report on the petition of Daniel Livingston, 26 February 1816

MVB, Report on the petition of Daniel Livingston, 26 February 1816 

The attorney general, on the petition of Daniel Livingston, Esquire, respectfully reports—

That by an attentive consideration of the documents submitted to him, he is well satisfied that the facts set forth by the petitioner, as the ground on which he relies, to induce the interposition of the Legislature in his behalf, are in all respects true—That the case on the part of the petitioner is unfortunate and oppressive, and that he is without relief from any other quarter save the Legislature.

Were it not for the apprehension that this act may furnish a precedent for others which may not possess the same equity, and in which the facts many not be drawn from so satisfactory a source, the attorney general could have no hesitancy in advising, (so far as it would by the reference to him be within his province to do so,) a compliance with the prayer of the petition.

How far that consideration and the acknowledged delicacy and difficulty of legislating upon the rights and estates of infants, who are incapable from their tender years to assert or maintain those rights, ought to influence the decision of the honorable the Assembly, is submitted to their superior wisdom.

M. V. BUREN, Att'yGen'l.

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